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Great Victory on KSM Issue at the Court! KSM is Legal again!

On January 27th 2010 the Communist Youth Union (KSM) of the Czech Republic was tried again at the Municipality Court of Prague regarding the issue of illegalization of KSM. The Municipality Court of Prague, based on KSM?s extraordinary appeal and decision of the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic, cancelled the judgment at law from 2008, which rejected the administrative protest delivered by the KSM against the decision of the Ministry of Interior of Czech Republic on the dissolution of the KSM. This is very important decision for KSM, because it legalises KSM again. KSM now can again work openly as legal organisation. The official reason of the illegalization of the KSM by Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic in 2007 was declared a programmatic goal of the KSM is to replace private ownership of means of production with a collective ownership of means of production. Also the reason for the dissolution of KSM was the convincement of the young people about the necessity to struggle for another society not based on the capitalist principles. This step of the Ministry of Interior caused a fundamental disagreement of the majority of the Czech people. The petition supporting the KSM has been signed by thousands of the citizens of the Czech Republic so far. Against the decision of the Ministry of Interior protested, for example, also the organisations of the former fighters against fascism and guerrilla resistance movement members. The petition of the civic associations has come out from an initiative of the student activists that denounce the steps of the Ministry of Interior against KSM. The support for KSM has been expressed also by a number of the Czech political parties. Thanks to initiative of the MPs of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSČM) proceedings of the Ministry of Interior were discussed in a Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The initiative of the Ministry of Interior was reflected with a big consideration also abroad. Hundreds of the youth, student and trade organisations have expressed their protests. Thousands of the people addressed their indignation to the Ministry of Interior and embassies of the Czech Republic abroad, among others a number of members of national parliaments, European parliament, university professors, and former fighters against fascism. A number of protest activities took place in front of the embassies of the Czech Republic in a number of countries.The judgment of the Municipality Court of Prague on KSM?s means legalisation of the KSM. It is very important victory in the struggle against anticommunism and anti-democratic development in the Czech Republic. Milan Krajca,Chairman of the Communist Youth Union (KSM)



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