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The statement of the KSM on the decision of the US Court upholding the convictions of the Five

The Communist Youth Union of the Czech Republic strongly reject the decision of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, that confirmed the convictions of the Cuban heroes Gerardo Hernández (two life sentences and 15 years of prison) and Rene Gonzáles (15 years of prison). The same judge who has already sentenced them in contradiction to all the international and US laws will revise the „cases“of Ramón Labanino, Fernando González and Antonio Guerrero.

This political decision of the US court clearly shows that the judicial system is only a part of the repressive imperialist forces. The supposed „crime“ of the comrades were their non-violent actions in defense of the Cuban people, of socialism, they monitored the terrorist armed groups paid by the American government structures that have committed and tried to organize direct terrorist attacks against the Cuban people and authorities.


The US imperialism shows what in reality „the war against terrorism “means when the international terrorist Posada Carriles was released.


The Czech government as a servant of the American imperialism supports this decision of the court and also the EU policy against Cuba. We demand the abolishment of this measures against the Cuban people.


We appeal to all the democratic people to condemn this decision as an unacceptable violation of the human rights.


We will further develop our solidarity campaign among the people for the freedom of the Five Cuban heroes.


Freedom for the Five Cuban heroes!


Long live international solidarity!


The Communist Youth Union (KSM) of the Czech Republic



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