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The statement of the KSM of the Czech Republic against the arresting of the comrades from CJC


On the 1st of June two members of CJC were arrested during the antifascists demonstrations in the streets. We express our full solidarity to our comrades and we take this act as an unacceptable attack against the fundamental rights and we denounce a clear presentation of the delegate of the government in Madrid supporting the fascist organisations in Madrid. This is a part of a long lasting tendencies of fascization of the society in the whole Europe.

The fascist organisations are allowed to operate without any serious restrictions, while the communists, antifascist and other parts of the progressive movement are criminalized, arrested. We fully support the demonstrations and the united struggle of the antifascists in Madrid, because we, communists, stand always in the first line of the struggle against the reactionary, fascist forces, for a society, not based on the capitalist principles, that are the real source of the „development“ of the fascist organisations and their crimes.


We demand an immediate liberation of our comrades from the CJC and of all the people who have been arrested for denouncing fascism.


No to the fascization of the society!


The Communist Youth Union (KSM)



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