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Declaration of the KSM on the anti-communist attacks against the CPBM

KSMThe Communist Youth Union (KSM) observes the intensification of the anti-communist acts that are presently in an increased way directed also against the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (CPBM). That came to light during the parliamentary hearing about the draft of a law on the so called third (= anti-communist) resistance and was expressed with the subsequent political and media manhunt against the CPBM members of parliament Marta Semelova and Miroslav Grebenicek. There are even threats of banning the CPBM in connection with the speeches delivered by these MPs. The KSM rejects and condemns anti-communist acts of the members of parliament and of the government institutions. The KSM also faced its banning but did not step back from its ideological positions and together with enormous international solidarity campaign in its struggle against the anti-communist ban reached a victory.

We, the members of the KSM ask the CPBM, its representatives and members to defend themselves actively against these anti-communist attacks and to stand up for and support their MPs Marta Semelova and Miroslav Grebenicek.

The anti-communist attacks in the Czech Republic are necessary to be seen in a wider European context in relation to the ongoing crisis of capitalism. We witness a co-ordination of such attacks on a level on EU institutions. The KSM stands firmly in this struggle on the side of the CPBM and calls comradely upon the CPBM not to step back from the ideological positions and to defend the historical truth against its purposeful propaganda manipulation. The CPBM´s own experience as well as experience from other countries proves that withdrawing from ideological positions leads only to further strengthening of anti-communism. The KSM expresses its support to the CPBM and namely to its MPs Marta Semelova and Miroslav Grebenicek in their struggle against anti-communist attacks.   

Communist Youth Union (KSM)

20 February 2011, Prague, Czech Republic



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