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Resolution of the 9th Meeting of the European Communist Youth Organizations against anticommunism

Resolution of the 9th Meeting of the European Communist Youth Organizations against anticommunismIn present Europe multitude of serious attacks targeting the working class and majority of youth and people are under way. They are aimed at a number of conquests of long and difficult social struggles, related to work, peace, social system, education, health service, culture etc. This process proceeds in the interests of imperialism of the European Union and other imperialist centers like Russia and its roots are fixed in the capitalist system. The capitalist right-wing political forces and social democracy that endeavour to promote capitalist restructuring expressed by constant attempts to push through the policies of privatization, deregulation and attacks on social rights of the working people need to eliminate their principal opponent and to eliminate the communists that disclose the strategy of imperialism and who only have the alternative - socialism.

Therefore the right-wing forces together with social democracy use repressive measures to eliminate the communists and their organizations, to discredit with their propaganda the communist thought and goals and to exclude them from electoral procedures, to control their membership and finances. The European wide anti-communist campaign finds its expression in the anti-communist attacks that are in run in many European countries through the penalization of organizations and their activities, prohibition, imprisonment and torture of its members, establishment of anti-communist foundations, memorials and museums, rewriting of history in school and university text-books, mass producing of TV programs, so called 'documentary' films and other anti-communist movies, forbidding the communist symbols etc. These anti-democratic operations aim to strike the communist movement and the most elementary rights and freedoms. The last example of the anticommunist repression is a persecution of members of Collectives of Young Communists of Spain and of the Communist Party of Peoples of Spain and a political process against Algirdas Paleckis, a chairman of the Socialist People's Front of Lithuania.

All these anticommunist plans reveal the imperialist and deeply class nature of the European Union, the hypocrisy of the supporters of the bourgeois democracy as well as the fear of the bourgeoisie towards the communist movement. The anticommunist attack is part of the imperialist strategy aiming at erasing from people and workers' consciousness, particularly the younger generation, the only real way-out from the capitalist barbarity, the overthrow of capitalism and the construction of socialism.

The withdrawal of rights which primarily goes against Communists can also be seen against all those who won't give up, those who give face to the offensive and do not quit struggling. We can see this in the strangulation of the organization and action of trade unions and students associations and organizations and many times in the repression and limitation of protests and street demonstrations.

Using all the tools at our disposal, we will continue to strengthen this struggle, guaranteeing our rights by putting them into practice. A struggle which is not only of communists, it's of all those who defend a real democracy, freedom and freedom of speech. A struggle that has to be fought in the streets by increasing the consciousness of our rights through mass struggle of the youth and the people.

The example of the host organisation of the 9th Meeting of the European Communist Youth Organizations - the Communist Youth Union (KSM), which was made during last years illegal by anticommunist decision of the Czech government and justice system and finally won its struggle for legality shows the necessity of resistance and the power of common international struggle against anticommunism.

The 9th Meeting of the European Communist Youth Organizations expresses its solidarity to all communists and their organizations persecuted by anticommunist repression.

The 9th Meeting of the European Communist Youth Organizations calls upon all communist youth organization to strengthen common struggle against anticommunism.

The 9th Meeting of the European Communist Youth Organizations appeals to youth of all democratic, progressive and anti-imperialist forces to join us in our struggle against anticommunism.


Communist Youth of Austria (KJÖ)
COMAC, Belgium
United Democratic Youth Organization (EDON)
Communist Youth Union of the Czech Republic (KSM)
Movement of Young Communists of France (MJCF)
Socialist German Workers' Youth (SDAJ)
Communist Youth of Greece (KNE)
Communist Youth of Poland (KMP)
Portuguese Communist Youth (JCP)
Revolutionary Communist Youth Union of Bolsheviks (RKSMb)
Union of Young Communists of Spain (UJCE)
Collectives of Young Communist (CJC)
Youth of Turkish Communist Party (YTKP)



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