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Common Statement of 9th MECYO

Common Statement of the Organizations that participated in the 9th Meeting of the European Communist Youth Organizations

Common Statement of 9th MECYO

The delegates that participated in the 9th Meeting of the European Communist Youth Organizations, held in Prague on the 3rd and 4th of December, 2011 under the slogan "20 years after the counter-revolution and the overthrow of Socialism in Europe; its consequences for the youth. The youth's future is Socialism" declare the following:

There have passed 20 years since the flag with the hammer and sickle, the red flag of the October revolution and of socialism was taken off the Kremlin. There have passed 20 years since the counter revolution and the overthrow of socialism in USSR and the other socialist countries of Europe. This fact meant a social backward movement, not only for the peoples of the socialist countries, but also for peoples of entire world. The peoples of socialist countries saw the drop of their level of living, they faced new phenomena such as unemployment, insecurity and immigration. The peoples of capitalist countries lost support for their struggle against the capitalist barbarity.

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Resolution of the 9th Meeting of the European Communist Youth Organizations against anticommunism

Resolution of the 9th Meeting of the European Communist Youth Organizations against anticommunismIn present Europe multitude of serious attacks targeting the working class and majority of youth and people are under way. They are aimed at a number of conquests of long and difficult social struggles, related to work, peace, social system, education, health service, culture etc. This process proceeds in the interests of imperialism of the European Union and other imperialist centers like Russia and its roots are fixed in the capitalist system. The capitalist right-wing political forces and social democracy that endeavour to promote capitalist restructuring expressed by constant attempts to push through the policies of privatization, deregulation and attacks on social rights of the working people need to eliminate their principal opponent and to eliminate the communists that disclose the strategy of imperialism and who only have the alternative - socialism.

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University students in the Czech Republic

During the epoch of socialism in Czechoslovakia, the university study was free and focused on raising education level of the working class. In addition, all the citizens possessed a right to work, which was granted by the constitution. Proportion of students was closely related to a planned development of socialist economy; hence graduates were employed in the field they had studied.

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Declaration of the KSM on the anti-communist attacks against the CPBM

KSMThe Communist Youth Union (KSM) observes the intensification of the anti-communist acts that are presently in an increased way directed also against the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (CPBM). That came to light during the parliamentary hearing about the draft of a law on the so called third (= anti-communist) resistance and was expressed with the subsequent political and media manhunt against the CPBM members of parliament Marta Semelova and Miroslav Grebenicek. There are even threats of banning the CPBM in connection with the speeches delivered by these MPs. The KSM rejects and condemns anti-communist acts of the members of parliament and of the government institutions. The KSM also faced its banning but did not step back from its ideological positions and together with enormous international solidarity campaign in its struggle against the anti-communist ban reached a victory.

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The legacy of the 1st festival

Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1947

More than 60 years have elapsed between the first World Festival of Youth and Students, that was held in 1947 in Prague, the capital of Czechoslovakia and the current 17th festival in Pretoria in 2010.

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In the service of imperialism - Czech Republic's experience of 11 years membership in NATO

Criminal birth-mark of membership in NATO

The very incorporation of the Czech Republic into NATO organization was connected with a bloody criminal act committed by NATO. The timing of Czech Republic's entering NATO on 12th March 1999 did not by coincidence preceded just 12 days the imperialist aggression of NATO against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia which started a 78 days barbaric bombing of Yugoslavia, occupation of Kosovo and Metohija and subsequent declaration of "independence" of US/EU protectorate Kosovo. The Czech Republic's ruling class took its deal of responsibility for this criminal act and subsequent NATO policy against resistance and discontent of a large part of the Czech and Moravian society expressed in mass protest demonstrations organized predominantly by the Communists.

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